New regs for Thursday: Energy conservation standards

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is proposing amendments to a January mortgage rule to exempt creditors that operate in rural areas and lengthen the time a mandatory escrow account for a higher-priced mortgage loan must be maintained. 

The Federal Reserve Board of Governors is proposing to implement a section of the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill that would charge fees to large financial institutions to pay for their supervision.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is proposing to streamline its reporting requirements for some mortgage lenders.

The Internal Revenue Service is implementing regulations for some debt instrument brokers' reporting and issuing a temporary rule on bond and acquisition premium reporting. 

Defense and NASA:
The Department of Defense, General Services Administration and NASA are proposing to use different identification codes in its procurement process to increase transparency. 

NASA is also doing a periodic update of its code of regulations to reduce regulatory burden.

Communications and Postal Service:
The Federal Communications Commission is amending its rules on commercial maritime and aviation radio operator licenses. The agency is also proposing a new virtual workshop discussion topic.

The Postal Service is revising its standards for automated prices for some mail.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reorganizing its delegations of authority.