New regs for Wednesday: Federal workers looking at new nondiscrimination rules

Endangered species:

Regulations for actions that injure, kill or otherwise affect endangered species should be changed, according to the Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which jointly regulate protected species.

The agencies’ proposal would allow for alternate methods to be used to anticipate the impact on species, known as the “take” of plants and animals, which agencies and companies need to calculate for projects that are expected to harm them.

The calculations would look at how the species' habitats or environment would be affected by new projects instead of trying to quantify how many plants or animals would be disturbed

“These changes are proposed to improve the flexibility and clarify the development of incidental take statements,” the agencies said in the draft rule.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is finalizing rules that require failed banks to maintain certain records for at least six years.

Additionally, the FDIC wants to remove record keeping rules transferred to it by the Dodd-Frank law that are “substantively similar” to rules already on the books and eliminate redundant prohibitions on examiners’ jobs after they leave the agency. 

The Internal Revenue Service is issuing final guidance for a credit given to Americans who pay taxes in foreign countries.

The Commerce Department is announcing that it will halt some fishing off the coast of California if a sperm whale is observed to be killed or seriously injured by specific gear. The department is also requiring that fishers who use the gear, known as drift gillnet, carry a trained observer in deepwater zones through January. 

National commercial fishing regulators are opening directed fishing of Greenland turbot in the Bering Sea and prohibiting some Pacific cod fishing. 

Regulators are also making available accountability measures for Atlantic fishing.