GM recall flap spurs revolving door questions

Ties between regulators and the regulated will come under scrutiny this week, as the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration testifies before a series of congressional panels, The New York Times reports.

At issue in the hearings beginning Tuesday will be why NHTSA declined to push sooner for a recall of General Motors vehicles linked to safety concerns.

“…the revolving door between the agency and the automotive industry is once again coming under scrutiny as lawmakers investigate the decade-long failure by General Motors and safety regulators to act more aggressively on a defective ignition switch that G.M. has linked to 13 deaths,” write the NYT’s Christopher Jensen and Matthew L. Wald.

NHTSA’s acting administrator, David J. Friedman, is slated to appear Tuesday before a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee and Wednesday before a Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation subcommittee.

The New York Times story, which examines the links between industry and NHTSA is available here.