Appeals court refuses to review labor board's poster rule

“Today’s court ruling again validates manufacturers’ fight against an overreaching NLRB,” Jay Timmons, the president and chief executive of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), said in a statement. The NAM challenged the NLRB in court, which led to the rule being thrown out.

“The poster rule is a prime example of the aggressive agenda pursued by the NLRB in recent years,” Timmons added, “and the court has correctly decided that the Board has overstepped its authority. It would have forever altered the way employers and employees communicate, creating friction in the workplace where none currently exists.”

The NLRB declined to comment on the case.

The Chamber of Commerce, which has opposed the poster rule, has said that it does not believe that the labor board will attempt to revive the rule now that its five seats are full with Senate-confirmed members.