Tuesday's meeting announcements: Great Lakes panel plans session

Federal advisory panels are scheduled to meet in person, on the phone and via webinar in the next couple of weeks. Here’s a look:

The Environmental Protection Agency’s advisory board for the Great Lakes is holding a public teleconference on Nov. 13 to help develop a draft restoration initiative. 

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is holding a conference call to discuss a hydroelectric project on Nov. 14. 

An interagency committee on autism is meeting on Nov. 15 in Bethesda, Md.

On Nov. 19, the Pentagon’s committee on Arlington National Cemetery is meeting at the cemetery to review upcoming events and plans. 

Also on Nov. 19, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s advisory committee on community banking is meeting in Washington to discuss a “broad range of policy issues” that affect small banks. 

The Interior Department’s commission on Indian trusts is holding a webinar meeting on Nov. 20 to approve its recommendations and take comments from the public. The commission anticipates this to be its final meeting. 

A committee on aeronautical databases is meeting with a European commission from Dec. 2 to 6 at Boeing’s offices in Titusville, Fla. 

The Bureau of Land Management’s advisory council for Northwest Colorado is meeting on Dec. 5 in the town of Silt. 

From Dec. 10 to 12, the Federal Aviation Administration’s special committee on traffic alert and crash avoidance systems will meet in Washington.