News bites: Fed tactics creating ‘sugar high’ in revitalized housing market?

Home prices soared by 10 percent in the last year, thanks to the Federal Reserve’s easy money campaign. But volatility may lie ahead, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Buoyed by steps meant to soften the sequester’s blow, the Pentagon announced 71 percent more contracts in March, The Washington Post reports.

At the same time, the Defense Department is struggling with the high costs of health care, according to The Associated Press.

Federal regulators are set to directly enforce Affordable Care Act rules in half a dozen states, including Wyoming, that don’t have the means to do it themselves, The Casper Star-Tribune reports.

Opinion: Former Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Mary Schapiro is joining a firm “stuffed to the gills” with other former regulators now giving advice to the companies they once oversaw, opines William D. Cohan in a Bloomberg op-ed.