News bites: Financial regulators grapple with social media questions

In case you missed Wednesday’s news on RegWatch:

The U.S. Patent Office unveiled its plan to adjust regulations to comply with an international treaty.

President Obama’s 2014 budget proposal seeks $382 million to implement executive actions on gun control.

The budget signals the administration’s plan to move forward with a contentious poultry inspection overhaul.

Elsewhere in the budget, the FDA presses for new fees to pay for food safety measures.

In the budget, the administrations claim more than $91 billion in net benefits linked to first-term regulations.

The man arrested Wednesday at the White House for a bomb threat hoax was disgruntled over trucking regulations.

Twenty-nine senators signed on to legislation expanding the EPA’s authority.

The Obama administration issued new regulations to curb identity theft.

Consumer advocates want Obama to intervene with student loan modifications.

Business groups assailed labor regulations at a testy House hearing.

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