ObamaCare calorie rule delayed in funding bill

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Lawmakers are looking to roll back a controversial ObamaCare rule that requires restaurants to list the number of calories in the food they sell.

The $1.9 trillion government spending bill unveiled early Wednesday morning includes a provision that blocks the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from implementing the menu labeling rule before Dec. 1, 2016.

The menu labeling rules have generated criticism from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, who say the requirements are confusing and burdensome for small businesses.

The rules would require restaurants and grocery stores to list the number of calories in prepared foods, but the rule as written could also apply to movie theaters, amusement parks and other venues that sell food to customers.

A bipartisan group of 32 senators wrote a letter to the FDA demanding it delay the rule. Legislation was also introduced in both chambers that would halt the requirements.

The FDA eventually relented, announcing this summer it would delay the rules until next December. The provision in the spending bill would hold the agency to that promise.