New regs for Friday: ObamaCare changes and safety standards

The Internal Revenue Service is proposing guidelines for charitable hospital organizations to meet the community health needs assessment requirements enacted as part of the healthcare law.

HHS's Medicare and Medicaid bureau is proposing to change the way it oversees Medicare providers and suppliers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is proposing a safety standard for carriers used to strap small children to an adult's stomach or back.

The Defense Department is establishing a rule to further implement its sexual assault prevention program.

The National Institutes of Health is modifying its loan repayment program.

Food and Drugs:

The Treasury Department's alcohol and tobacco oversight arm is proposing to designate new vineyards in California.

States will be awarded grants for providing nutrition education and obesity prevention programs under a new rule from the Department of Agriculture.


The Federal Reserve Board of Governors is approving definitions for the Dodd-Frank financial reform law.

The National Archives is proposing to clarify when it charges fees for use of its buildings in Washington, D.C., and College Park, Md.

Federal employees who reside in the District of Columbia may be able to run for local partisan political office and accept political contributions, according to a proposed rule from the Office of Personnel Management.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing to update a program that compares vehicle safety.

Water, Air and the Environment: 

The Coast Guard is temporarily adjusting its operating schedule for a drawbridge in Galveston, Texas, for repairs.

The Coast Guard is also amending the safety zones in Lake Michigan to correlate with annual events on the lake, and proposing five temporary safety zones around New York City.

The Environmental Protection Agency is establishing a limit for residues of the agricultural chemical flumioxazin.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is beginning the process of changing its appeals process.

The Interior Department is adding requirements to its safety standards for employees on oil-and-gas rigs in the waters off of the United States.