HHS merging two medical information clearinghouse

The rule requires HHS Secretary Kathleen SebeliusKathleen SebeliusPrice was a disaster for HHS — Time for an administrator, not an ideologue Trump says he's unhappy with Price Former Health Secretary: Price’s use of chartered flights is 'stunning' MORE to transition data from one storehouse to the other and then eliminate the unnecessary data bank.

The two clearinghouses in question are the National Practitioner Data Bank, which collects information about medical malpractice payments and actions against doctors and will remain in place; and the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank, which collects healthcare fraud and abuse reports and will cease operations once its data is transferred. 

Both information storehouses were created by Congress to alert hospitals and medical professionals to the possible warning signs of doctors and medical providers who have blemishes on their records.

Certain state agencies and portions of the healthcare industry currently have to submit reports to both banks. After the change, they will just report to one.