News bites: FDA moving toward nicotine regulation

Snapchat and the app’s self-destructing messages have caught the attention of Wall Street regulators, CNBC reports.

Opinion: State regulators are proving more effective than their federal counterparts in holding the financial sector accountable, columnist Darrell Delamaide opines in USA Today.

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A conservative group’s study concluded that the REINS Act could save tens of billions of dollars worth of regulatory costs.

The biotech industry launched a campaign to lash back against efforts to paint genetically modified foods as dangerous.

A pair of senators introduced legislation to create a bipartisan commission tasked with identifying outdated or overly burdensome regulations.

Lawmakers grilled regulators on banks’ involvement in commodity markets.

Lawmakers unveiled a plan to streamline the cumbersome federal permitting system.

Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Jo White signaled action on a contentious rule requiring firms to disclose CEO pay.

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