Chamber of Commerce wants more flexibility on ObamaCare compliance

The Chamber of Commerce is asking the Obama administration to do more to help businesses comply with the requirements of ObamaCare.

The powerful business lobby said on Tuesday that federal officials need to be softer on companies trying to adhere to the law, days before an important milestone is hit.

“Given the first-hand feedback we’ve received from businesses across the country, it is clear that employers need the administration to take an approach that recognizes the challenges associated with compliance of this immense and complex law,” Bruce Josten, the Chamber’s executive vice president for government affairs, said in a statement.

“The administration and regulatory agencies must take every opportunity to reduce administrative burdens, offer guidance, preserve flexibility, and reduce premium increases, so that employers can continue to offer quality health care coverage to their employees.”

New state-based health insurance marketplaces will start accepting applications for enrollment Oct. 1. 

That day is also the deadline for most businesses to tell their employees about the new insurance marketplaces, which might offer health coverage at a lower cost.

The Chamber asserts that smaller businesses aren’t aware of the requirement and are confused about ObamaCare’s rules, especially in light of the Obama administration’s decision to delay until 2015 a mandate that requires employers with 50 or more workers offer health insurance or pay a fine.

This month, the administration declared there would not be a fine for businesses that do not tell their workers about the state insurance exchanges.

Josten, however, said that “the uncertainty surrounding" that announcement "exemplifies the need for additional information and support for businesses working through implementation challenges.”