Boehner: ‘All these regulations’ a threat to younger generations

BoehnerJohn BoehnerRyan: We are really 'in a rescue mission' with healthcare March is the biggest month for GOP in a decade House markup of ObamaCare repeal bill up in the air MORE’s remarks come as the government shutdown stretched into a second week, with no clear end in sight. 

He also said Sunday that the there are not enough votes in the House to pass a clean government-funding bill, something Democrats and the White House dispute.

"If he's right, why not prove it?" White House press secretary Jay Carney questioned via Twitter.

At least 20 House Republicans would support a clean continuing resolution to put the government back to work, according to a whip count conducted by The Washington Post.

But Boehner contended that the House GOP is reading from the same page.

“I, working with my members, decided to do this in a unified way,” he told Stephanopoulos. “George, I have 233 Republicans in the House. And you've never seen a more dedicated group of people who are thoroughly concerned about the future of our country.”