Labor chief: Too much immigration harms American workers

Labor chief: Too much immigration harms American workers
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Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta argued Thursday that allowing high numbers of foreign workers into the country is a disservice to Americans laborers.
Acosta told reporters at the Western Governors’ Association meeting in South Dakota that immigration is "legal and appropriate" for businesses that can't fill positions, but "so much immigration" could come at the expense of American workers, according to The Associated Press.
“The American worker has never had a stronger advocate than President Trump. The President understands that stopping the abuse of our country’s immigration and visa system is essential to our nation’s economic success," Acosta said in a statement released by the White House.
"The RAISE ACT rolls back regulations that put American workers and businesses at a disadvantage. It puts America First,” he added, referring to the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act.
The RAISE Act would halve the number of permanent residencies — commonly known as green cards — awarded each year and prioritize skilled immigrants over relatives of existing immigrants or U.S. citizens.
The United States currently grants about a million green cards per year.