Committee chair highlights worrisome new rules

The committee launched the effort, called Small Biz Reg Watch, earlier this year to help small businesses become aware of and comment on regulations that members consider threatening. 

Comment periods for all four proposals close in July.

“It is important that small businesses participate in the regulatory development process, especially since they may have to comply with those rules,” said Graves in a statement announcing concern about the new proposals.

“These regulations from the EPA, DOT, and VA must be considered with measured thought and adequate input from small businesses, because they have a major impact on the public and the economy.” 

As part of the initiative, the committee communicates with small business owners and employees to notify them of rules that may have a disproportionate impact on their companies.

The panel has previously highlighted changes to a program that gives priority for government contracts to small businesses owned by women, a Coast Guard proposal requiring identification credentials for workers on some ships and an EPA proposal to expand its oversight of lead-based paints.

-- This story was updated at 2:17 p.m. to clarify the committee's reason for highlighting the proposals.