New group takes aim at the ‘regulatory status quo’

A small business organization intends to raise awareness about government regulations and their impact on the economy through the new Center for Regulatory Solutions.

The Center for Regulatory Solutions, launched Tuesday, says it will educate the public on the regulatory process. It hopes to make it "more open and transparent" by drawing attention to rules that are particularly harmful to the small business community. The CRS will also suggest reforms to regulators.

The Center said small businesses are "fed up with the regulatory status quo." According to a recent CRS poll, 61 percent of Americans say government regulations are harming the economy.

Karen Kerrigan, president and CEO of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, which founded the Center, called for the Obama administration to show "much-needed sanity and common sense" when it comes to regulations.

Kerrigan hopes the Center will pressure regulators to "listen and respond to the concerns of small business owners."

"We will highlight rules and mandates that continue to exert a drag on economic recovery and undermine the competitiveness of America's most innovative entrepreneurs," she said. "And most important, we want to provide constructive input to policy makers so that our regulatory system no longer acts as a barrier to starting, managing and growing an American enterprise."