Thursday's meeting announcements: Civil rights commission meets in Washington

Federal advisory boards and panels of all types will meet throughout the rest of the year. Here’s a look at the new events:

On Nov. 15, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is meeting in Washington to vote on reports and review its work. 

Starting Nov. 18, a number of Veterans Affairs Department panels will meet to discuss biomedical laboratory research and clinical science. 

The Department of Education is rescheduling a meeting for a new committee to negotiate standards for programs that prepare students for employment. The meeting was originally scheduled to occur from Oct. 21 to 23, but is being pushed back to Nov. 18 to 20 because of the 16-day government shutdown in October.

On Nov. 19, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s panel on radiation protection and nuclear materials is meeting in Rockville, Md. The agency’s advanced boiling water reactor subcommittee is meting just a few days later, on Nov. 22. 

The Environmental Protection Agency panel for small communities is holding a teleconference on Nov. 26 to discuss waste treatment, water infrastructure and other issues. 

On Nov. 26 and Dec. 17, the Small Business Administration’s board for small business development centers is getting together. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s advisory committee for state, tribal, local and territorial centers is holding a teleconference on Dec. 2. The agency’s panel, looking at ways to eliminate tuberculosis, is getting together via Web conference the next day, Dec. 3. 

A Department of Homeland Security panel on science and technology is meeting on Dec. 4 and 5 at the department’s Washington headquarters. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s committee on construction safety is meeting on Dec. 5 and 6 in Washington. 

On Dec. 9, the Defense Department’s task force on caring for wounded, ill and injured members of the armed forces is meeting in San Antonio, Texas, to review local health systems and programs. 

The Food and Drug Administration’s advisory committee on orthopedic and rehabilitation medical devices is meeting in Gaithersburg, Md., on Dec. 12. 

The U.S. National Commission for the international cultural organization UNESCO is meeting on Dec. 16 at the State Department’s headquarters in Washington.