Wednesday's meeting announcements: Mine safety panel meets

Federal advisory committees and panels are making plans to meet in the next few weeks and months.

Here’s what will be announced on Wednesday:

On Dec. 5, the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission is planning to get together in Washington to consider two different cases. 

Also on Dec. 5, the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corp. is planning to meet and review its executive performance and pending litigation. 

That same day, the Securities and Exchange Commission is holding a roundtable session about proxy advisory firms. 

A Bureau of Land Management panel on the Boise, Idaho, region is holding four meetings beginning on Dec. 5.

NASA’s committee on human exploration and technology will meet on Dec. 9 and 10. 

The Department of Commerce’s advisory committee on regulations and procedures is meeting on Dec. 10 in Washington to talk about new rules. 

The U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) advisory committee on voluntary foreign aid is meeting on the afternoon of Dec. 11 in Washington. USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah is panning to make opening remarks. 

Also on Dec. 11, the Environmental Protection Agency’s advisory board for the Great Lakes is holding a teleconference to talk about its draft restoration plan.

A panel on export administration is holding a teleconference on the afternoon of Dec. 13 to discuss reforms to the country’s export controls. 

A panel on fossil fuel resources in ultra-deepwater is meeting at the Energy Department’s offices in Washington on Dec. 16.

A Food and Drug Administration committee on risk communications is meeting on Dec. 17 in Silver Spring, Md. 

On Dec. 18, a federal advisory committee for unconventional resources technology is meeting in Washington. 

An 18-member Energy Department advisory panel on nuclear energy is meeting on Dec. 19. 

That same day, a General Services Administration board on management is holding a public teleconference to discuss ways to improve the government’s effectiveness. 

Also on Dec. 19, the Commerce Department’s advisory council on emerging technology and resources is holding a session. 

On Jan. 10 and 23, the Bureau of Land Management’s resource advisory council for Utah is holding conference calls

The State Department’s advisory group for defense trades is meeting on Jan. 16 to talk about potential downsides of export control reform and trade deals.