Tuesday's meeting announcements: Nuclear panel talks California plant

A handful of federal agencies and advisory panels will get together for public events in the new future.

Here’s a peek at what’s on tap:

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is holding a public meeting on Thursday to discuss a defunct California generating station.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is holding a workshop on Dec. 11 in Washington. 

NASA’s advisory panels on finance and information technology will meet on Dec. 9 and 10. The agency’s full advisory council is meeting at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Dec. 11 and 12. 

A Commerce Department panel on first responders will hold public meetings in Denver, Colo., on Dec. 16 and 17

On Dec. 18, the Federal Aviation Administration’s advisory panel on program management is meeting in Washington. 

On Dec. 19, the State Department’s advisory committee for international telecommunication is meeting to talk about meetings with other telecommunications commissions. 

From Jan. 7 to 9, a council for Pacific fishing is meeting in La Jolla, Calif. 

Regulators for Pacific fishing will hold conference calls on Jan. 21 and Feb. 4 to talk about habitat for groundfish. 

A Bureau of Land Management advisory council for the Dominguez-Escalante conservation area is meeting in Grand Junction, Colo., on Jan. 22.