Friday's meeting announcements: Helping sick vets

A handful of regulatory boards and panels will get together in the new year to talk about veterans’ illnesses, fishing and labor issues.

Here’s what’s coming out in the Federal Register on Friday:

A panel on Gulf War veterans’ illnesses is meeting in Washington on Jan. 7 and 8 to talk about research studies. 

Gulf of Mexico fishing regulators are holding sessions at nine locations around the Gulf coast from Jan. 8-27. 

A Justice Department advisory board on science issues is scheduled to meet in Washington on Jan. 10. 

Six times next year, the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations will hold public meetings in Washington. The first meeting is on Jan. 15. 

On Jan. 22, the General Services Administration’s board on accountability and transparency is holding a public meeting in Washington.

The State Department’s advisory council on overseas schools is meeting on Jan. 23. 

The Environmental Protection Agency’s environmental laboratory advisory board is holding a number of meetings in 2014, starting on Feb. 19. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection will hold a trade symposium in Washington on March 6 and 7.