Thursday's meeting announcements: Coordinating legal services

The Forest Service's resource advisory committee for Ravalli County, Mont., will meet on May 28 to provide advice on projects and funding. 

The National Board for Education Sciences is meeting on June 3 in Washington to evaluate education research

The Federal Aviation Administration's public-private partnership on next generational fight is meeting on June 4 to review recommendations and tasks. 

On June 5, the board of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, which helps businesses expand into emerging markets, will hold a hearing at its headquarters in Washington. 

Also on June 5, the Department of Defense's policy board for reserve forces will gather at the Pentagon to evaluate strategies and policies to improve the capabilities and effectiveness of the forces.  

A Department of Health and Human Services advisory committee on blood and tissues is meeting in Rockville, Md., on June 5 and 6. 

On June 11, an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) committee on improving assistance centers will hold a meeting, and the next day two committees on improving customer service and tax forms will also get together.

A panel on improving the IRS's public communications will meet on June 20, and the agency's joint committee on taxpayer advocacy will meet to solicit ideas on improving customer service on June 26.