Tuesday's meeting announcements: SEC discussing amendments

The Department of Veterans Affairs's committee on clinical science research is also meeting on July 10 to discuss the general status of the program and proposed projects. 

The Federal Election Commission is meeting on July 11 to discuss a rule on inflation adjustments to civil monetary penalties. 

On July 16, an AmeriCorps program advisory board is meeting in Washington.

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights's panel on Massachusetts is meeting in Boston on July 24. 

The Pentagon's defense business board is meeting on July 25 to talk about draft recommendations for the department. 

Also on July 25, a Federal Aviation Administration committee on program management is meeting in Washington. 

On July 29, NASA's science committee is meeting to gather input from the scientific community. 

NASA committees on aeronautics and innovation are meeting in Washington on July 30.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) panels on taxpayer advocacy are meeting throughout August. On Aug. 6 and 7, the full panel is meeting to discuss ways to improve the IRS's customer service. A panel on taxpayer assistance centers is meeting on Aug. 13, and on Aug. 14 groups on tax forms and correspondence are meeting. 

The IRS's panels on taxpayer communications and toll-free phone lines are meeting on Aug. 15 and 20, and a joint committee is meeting on Aug. 28.