Tuesday's meeting announcements: Mint discusses coins and medals

The Legal Services Corporation, which provides legal aid to poor Americans, is holding a teleconference the afternoon of Sept. 20 to discuss ways to publicize its efforts. 

On Sept. 23, the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board is meeting in Washington to review quarterly metrics and monthly reports. 

The Education Department’s advisory board on historically black colleges and universities is meeting Sept. 25 to receive updates and discuss student aid. 

The Defense Department’s committee on Arlington National Cemetery is meeting Oct. 3 to discuss upcoming events commemorating the interment of former President Kennedy and the cemetery’s 150th anniversary. 

Also Oct. 3, the National Board for Education Sciences is meeting in Washington to discuss recommendations for the Department of Education. 

The Justice Department’s science advisory board is meeting Oct. 4. 

NASA’s applied sciences advisory committee is meeting in Washington Oct. 8 and 9.

The Census Bureau’s advisory committee on racial and ethnic populations will meet in Suitland, Md., Oct. 17 and 18. 

Also Oct. 17 and 18, the Forest Service’s coordinating council is meeting in Arlington, Va. 

On Oct. 23 and 24, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s task force on preventive services is getting together. 

A committee on antiviral drugs is meeting Oct. 24 to discuss recommendations for the Food and Drug Administration. 

A Justice Department committee on global justice information sharing is meeting Oct. 30 in Arlington, Va. 

The IRS will hold a hearing Dec. 19 in Washington to discuss a proposal affecting taxes for property owners.