Friday's meeting announcements: Talking fishing

The Environmental Protection Agency will host peer review meetings to assess the risks of the chemical antimony trioxide Oct. 16 and 31, and Nov. 14. 

An interagency steering committee on environmental modeling will hold its annual meeting Oct. 22 and 23 in Rockville, Md. 

A Bureau of Land Management advisory panel will meet in Delta and Grand Junction, Colo., Oct. 22 and 24 to discuss a nearby conservation area

The EPA will hold public teleconferences Oct. 25 and 30 to discuss actions the EPA mentioned in its semiannual roadmap for new regulations. 

An Interior Department advisory group will meet in Fairbanks, Alaska, from Oct. 28 to 31 to discuss a science initiative

On Nov. 8, the Commerce Department’s economic analysis advisory committee is meeting to discuss ways that its surveys can be presented for effectively.