New regs for Monday: Airlines, financial advisors

A handful of new regulations will be coming out in Monday’s edition of the Federal Register.

There will be new rules for airlines, financial advisors and other industries. Here’s a peek:


The Transportation Department is issuing new rules to help people with disabilities on airplanes.

One of the regulations allow airlines to use a specific method of storing folding wheelchairs in the aircraft’s cabin. 

Another rule requires airlines’ websites be accessible to people who have disabilities. 

“We expect this rulemaking to be a major step toward ending unequal access in air transportation for people with disabilities resulting from inaccessible carrier Web sites and airport kiosks,” the department said.


The Securities and Exchange Commission is finalizing new regulations for municipal advisers that impose record keeping requirements and other provisions.

According to the commission, the new rules are designed to eliminate “pay to play” practices, make sure advisers disclose their conflicts of interest and treat their clients ahead of their own interests.

The regulations were called for by the Dodd-Frank Act.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is taking a step to regulate debt collectors

The advanced rule-making notice, first announced on Wednesday, asks for information about tactics the collectors use. New rules would help protect consumers, the bureau said, and make them aware of their rights. 


The Coast Guard is extending the public comment period for proposed safety and environmental management requirements for ships on the outer continental shelf.


The White House Office of Management and Budget has approved a plan from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to collect information about satellite earth stations on aircraft.

The FCC is also granting part of a request to make changes to rules for FM stations