New regs for Monday: ObamaCare sign-up delayed

Federal officials will publish a rule formally delaying the sign-up deadline for ObamaCare along with a host of other regulations on Monday.

Here’s a peek into the day’s Federal Register:


The Department of Health and Human Services is publishing its rule to delay the deadline for people looking to sign up for health insurance through new online marketplaces.

The date, formerly set at Dec. 15, is being pushed back to Dec. 23 in order to give people more time to buy insurance after the troubled rollout of Plans will begin on Jan. 1. 

The delay was first announced in November. 


AT&T has filed a request for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to clarify or waive a requirement on services phone companies offer that allow people with disabilities to have an intermediary translate their phone conversations. 

Additionally, Sprint is asking the FCC to reconsider a rule limiting the distribution of a fund to help communications for people with disabilities. 

The FCC is accepting comments on both petitions.


The Federal Election Commission is clarifying its interpretation of rules governing how New York can pick the date for a special primary election


The Transportation Department is looking for the public to comment on ways to protect unreasonable freight rail rates and make sure that grain shippers are able to follow the procedures to lodge rate complaints. 


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is publishing an “official interpretation” about penalty fees and disclosure rules for credit card agreements.

Additionally, the Internal Revenue Service is proposing new rules for some partnership liabilities


The Department of Veterans Affairs is changing the way it pays for medical care outside of the department’s system and withdrawing a similar rule that had sparked complaints. 


The Agriculture Department is finalizing a regulation to lower the fee charged to Washington cherry handlers for a local marketing order. 


The Food and Drug Administration is amending its rules for animal drugs


The Commerce Department is halting fishing for Greenland turbot in an area of the Bering Sea. Federal officials say that the action is necessary to prevent overfishing. The department is also apportioning reserves to the total fishing limit for the fish. 

Additionally, fishers will be able to access a closed area in New England through the rest of the year under certain conditions. 


The Defense Department is updating its acquisition rules “to update and clarify requirements” for some items. 

The State Department is also updating its acquisition rules to conform to federal changes. 

Government operations:

NASA is getting rid of “redundant regulatory language” in some of its rules.