New regs for Thursday: Trucker guidance

A handful of new rules and regulations for truckers, gas refineries and credit unions are set to come out on Thursday.

Here’s a look at what’s coming:


The Transportation Department is releasing regulatory guidance for interstate truckers’ breaks.

Drivers of short distances aren’t subject to the regulation requiring a 30-minute break during the day. But if they occasionally drive for longer distances or times, they will need to take a rest break every eight hours and prepare a record, as the guidance outlines. 

Drivers won’t be in violation of the law if they have already missed the first rest period when they first learn about the changes to their schedules that would make them subject to the rule, the department said.


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is getting rid of some rules that were transferred to it when the Office of Thrift Supervision closed in 2011. 

The National Credit Union Administration is also issuing a rule to clarify that credit unions can create and fund charitable donation accounts

Environment and energy:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking action on some pumps, valves and pipes at petroleum refineries. 

The rule will only apply to refineries built after May, 2007, and the EPA will consider objections to the change. 

Endangered species:

The Fish and Wildlife Service is deciding not to add a flower called the Coleman’s coralroot to the endangered species list. 


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants the public to weigh in on ways to advance its plan to bring broadband access to Americans across the country. The agency is also announcing that a cost model associated with the program “will be available shortly.”


The Food and Drug Administration is issuing a rule to allow citizens to submit petitions electronically. 


The Commerce Department is amending its export rules to require exporters file some records and updating its legal authority.


The National Marine Fisheries Service is ending the 2013 summer flounder season in New Jersey, reallocating some of the fish quota from Maryland to Connecticut and from Virginia and North Caroline to Massachusetts

Additionally, the fishing agency is approving changes to mid-Atlantic fishing and releasing fishery management plans for the Gulf of Mexico and south Atlantic.