New regs for Friday: EPA updates hazardous waste rules

New rules for hazardous waste, school lunch menus and veterans’ benefits are on tap for Friday.

Here’s a peek into the Federal Register:

Energy and environment:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is excluding carbon streams from some of its rules on hazardous waste management.

According to the agency, management of those streams, “when meeting certain conditions, does not present a substantial risk to human health or the environment” and does not deserve the regulation.

The EPA is also issuing amendments to a regulation on lead smelters and accepting comments on the rules.

There are also new procedures for testing how much electricity some furnace fans use, thanks to a regulation from the Energy Department.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture is finalizing revisions to the national school lunch program that change the way states get money for the program.

The new rules require states to certify that local school authorities are meeting nutrition and other requirements. 


A new regulation from the Federal Reserve Board declares that U.S. branches of foreign banks will be treated like insured depository institutions for the purposes of their swaps deals. 


The Department of Veterans Affairs is proposing to change the rules for its fiduciary program.

The new rules would update and reorganize the program, which allows fiduciaries to oversee benefits for the elderly, sick and others who cannot manage them on their own. 


National fishing regulators are adjusting the limit on catching cod in the Gulf of Alaska and Pacific for 2014 and proposing to change the identification requirements for some buoys used off of Alaska. 


The federal agency that protects private sector pension plans is changing a premium due date for large plans to conform with other dates.

Postal service:

The U.S. Postal Service wants to change the metrics for determining some types of refunds and change its service standards