New regs for Tuesday: Commodity trading, nuclear reactors, campaign funding

Next week's edition of the Federal Register contains new rules for organic foods, nuclear power plants, commodity trading and campaign fundraising. The rules will be published on Tuesday, because Monday is a federal holiday.

Here's what is happening:

Commodity Trading: The Federal Reserve is looking to reign in investment banks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley that trade commodities, such as wheat, coffee and milk, and have been blamed for inflating the prices of these everyday goods. This comes after lawmakers earlier this week pressed the Fed tackle commodity trading in an effort to stabilize the financial system.

Nuclear: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering changes to how it regulates nuclear power reactors, radioactive materials, waste disposal, transportation and storage of used nuclear fuel. This comes as the United States and five other foreign powers are in talks with Iran about disbanding its nuclear program.

Organic: The Department of Agriculture is issuing final rules on how to handle unpackaged organic products. The National Organic Program rules that explain how certifying agents as well as noncertified handlers should handle these fruits and vegetables before they hit the grocery stores and farmers' markets go into effect next Tuesday.

Campaigns: The Federal Election Commission is extending a program that allows it to hand out fines to politicians for reporting violations through 2018, and will now accept credit card payments for the first time. The previous program expired at the end of last year, so there is a short gap at the beginning of January under which the commission could not use this rule to fine politicians, nor can it go back and assess fines now for violations that happened during that three-week period.

Stamps: The U.S. Postal Service is updating the costs of sending mail, such as letters and packages. The new prices go into effect on Jan. 26, 2014.