New regs for Wednesday: DOD acquisitions, motor carrier safety

Wednesday's edition of the Federal Register contains new rules for acquisitions by the Department of Defense, financial reform and motor carrier safety.

Here's what is happening:

Dodd-Frank: The Federal Reserve is considering new risk-management standards for financial market utilities. The new rules are part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law.

NLRB: The National Labor Relations Board is rescinding a two-year-old rule that was challenged in the courts, because then board-member Brian Hayes, a Republican, intentionally abstained from the vote, so that the board would not have a quorum when it voted. The rule governed representation in union elections.

Motor Carrier Safety: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is expanding its regulatory powers, so it can suspend or revoke the operating authority registration, or license, of any motor carrier company that shows "egregious disregard" for safety. The new rule goes into effect in one month.

Nuclear: The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission corrected an error in its semi annual regulatory agenda, which it originally filed earlier this month. Under law, each agency is required twice a year to file a report that details new rules it has adopted and other rules it is considering.

Endangered animals: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering whether to add 19 species to the endangered animal list, after it received five separate petitions requesting that their protections be expanded to cover these species. The species include 15 foreign bats, the emperor penguin, Flores hawk-eagle, Ridgway's hawk, and Virgin Islands coqui.

Defense: The Department of Defense is making minor changes to a regulation that governs military acquisitions. The rule goes into effect immediately. 

Electrical grid: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is considering a new rule that is designed to limit the negative effects that geomagnetic disturbances can have on the electrical grid. Geomagnetic disturbances are solar winds that temporarily interfere with the earth's magnetic field.