New regs for Thursday: Disability, nuclear, IRS

Thursday's edition of the Federal Register contains few substantive rules with the Justice Department considering changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission considering changes to regulations about controlling and accounting for special nuclear material.

Here's what is happening:

Disability: The Department of Justice is considering changes to its regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act to define disability more broadly. This comes in response to Congress asking the agency to revise its definition of disability "to ensure that the definition is broadly construed and applied without extensive analysis, the agency wrote. It is seeking public comment on the issue.

IRS: The Internal Revenue Service is considering a new rule for disguised sales of property to address certain deficiencies and ambiguities in the current regulations. The rule would apply to partnerships, not individuals, and help determine partners' shares liabilities.

Nuclear: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering changes to its regulations governing the control and accounting of special nuclear material. The agency will hold a second public meeting to discuss the possible revisions on Feb. 5.