New regs for Wednesday: Visa wages

Agriculture and the Environment:
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is increasing its fees for handling pears grown in Oregon and Washington, and is also reorganizing a committee that oversees the processing of those pears.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is establishing limits for residues of the fungicide azoxystrobin.

The EPA is also revising a rule on emissions from certain types of coal and oil-fired power plants.

The environmental agency is also proposing to take a South Carolina Superfund site off its list of priorities.

As requested by national corporation in charge of reliability standards,the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is proposing to approve modifications to four standards, and approve additional cybersecurity quality requirements.

The Department of Defense is proposing procedures for the National Guard's privacy policy.

The Federal Communications Commission is proposing rules to protect against interference in spectrum bands designed for public safety services.

The National Indian Gaming Commission is amending its rules on the charitable gaming exemption to align two different standards.

The Postal Service is amending its standards to allow shipment of any live bird up to 25 pounds.