New regs for Thursday: Plant imports

The USDA is also proposing to allow imports of Israeli female squash flowers and Jordanian fresh beans into the continental United States. 

Fish and Animals:
The National Marine Fisheries Services is establishing measures for salmon fishing in the Pacific through April 2014. 

The fishing agency is also prohibiting fishing for Atka mackerel in a portion of the Bering Sea and issuing rules for spiny dogfish fishing off of New England and the mid-Atlantic.

Different aspects of a fishing management plan for New England are being partly approved by the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Taking, owning or transferring shark fins at sea will be prohibited under another proposed rule from the agency. 

The Fish and Wildlife Service is reopening the comment period on a proposal to revise designated critical habitat for two endangered species of beetle and an endangered crustacean. 

The Internal Revenue Service wants to issue regulations for a tax credit to help some people buy health insurance through new exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. 

The Department of Energy is considering changing energy conservation standards for commercial furnaces

The Energy Department is also extending comments on a March framework for ceiling fan standards. 

The Federal Election Commission is considering revising its rules to address electronic campaign contributions. 

Foreign teachers could enter the U.S. on an exchange program with less experience and with different language rules, according to a new State Department proposal to make sure the program is used as a cultural exchange, and not to make up for labor shortages.