New regs for Friday: Adjusting nurse payment rates

The Department of Health and Human Service is correcting some technical errors on an April rule that combined two healthcare databases. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) wants to modify the list of approved substances that can be used to produce organic foods.  

The National Marine Fisheries Service is halting fishing for golden tilefish in the South Atlantic, because the annual limit is expected to be reached on May 5. 

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is publishing a rule that makes it easier for stay-at-home spouses to get credit cards. The Hill reported on the new rule on Monday. 

The Defense Department is revising its privacy procedures.

The Department of Energy is editing its rules for how contractors handle legal issues to try to monitor and control legal costs. 

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is proposing to change the way it reviews petitions for new rules to make the process more transparent. 

The Federal Aviation Administration is adopting a change to its design requirements for transport airplanes to allow crew to account for human error and synchronize standards with the European flight safety organization. 

The USDA is changing a rural grant program for building broadband infrastructure to allow it to more precisely target specific rural areas. 

The Federal Communications Commission is proposing to change the way it authorizes radio frequency equipment to bring products to the market more quickly.