New regs for Thursday: New audits for copyright owners

The Department of Education is announcing four new priorities for rehabilitation research to focus on community participation and employment for people with physical disabilities, and health and community living for people with intellectual disabilities.

The department is also prioritizing work on traumatic brain injury model systems and proposing priorities for a program to support public facilities. 

The Environmental Protection Agency is issuing new rules for 15 chemical substances to make importers and processors of the substances notify the agency, which could pave the way for future regulations. 

The Department of the Interior is reopening comments on a proposal to classify two mussel types as endangered species. 

Native Americans:
The Interior Department is also updating its procedures for returning and respecting Native American human remains and cultural objects. 

The National Marine Fisheries Service is issuing measures for gray triggerfish in the Gulf of Mexico and sea scallops in the Atlantic. 

The Department of Veterans Affairs is proposing to establish formal definitions for active service for the purposes of healthcare eligibility. 

The Postal Regulatory Commission, an independent agency, is replacing its seal and formally changing its regulatory functions to hew to expanded responsibilities.