New regs for Monday: Preventing infestation spread

The USDA is also declaring two counties in New York are not infested with a worm called the golden nematode

Finally, the department is revising wheat standards. 

Coast Guard:
The Coast Guard wants to update standards for designing, certifying, inspecting and testing cranes

Product Safety:
The Consumer Product Safety Commission, an independent federal agency, is proposing to updates its certificates of compliance.

The Environmental Protection Agency is finalizing standards for waste incinerators at hospitals and medical clinics. 

The agency is also eliminating some testing requirements for a chemical substance. 

The Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing that predatory birds in some California counties be controlled through nonlethal methods, if possible, and requiring permits to control the yellow-billed magpie in the state. 

The General Services Administration wants to end the commercial system it uses to pay the Postal Service for mail. 

The Internal Revenue Service has a proposal to guide healthcare organizations' reporting of the amount of money spent on medical services versus overhead costs, called the medical loss ratio, as required by the Affordable Care Act.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is reviewing its rules on verifying veteran-owned small businesses