New regs for Tuesday: Immigration lawyer database

The State Department is increasing the fee to apply for its cultural exchange J-1 visa program. 

Farming and Fishing:
The Department of Agriculture is raising the fee for sale and slaughter of lambs, lowering the fee for handling Florida tomatoes and reducing the limit on how small some oranges can be to be marketed. 

The USDA is also changing regulations for handling Georgia Vidalia onions, proposing to raise the assessment fee for some California grapes and suggesting a change to rules governing how cranberries are handled in a handful of states.

The National Marine Fisheries Service is delaying by eight days the end of seasonal shrimping off the coast of Texas. 

The Internal Revenue Service is issuing a rule to allow an election for some stock. 

The Federal Housing Finance Agency is setting new processes for executives at housing firms like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The agency is also changing its rules for severance packages known as golden parachute payments.

The National Science Foundation wants to change the way it handles requests under the Freedom of Information Act. 

Healthcare facilities under the Department of Veterans Affairs will have new rules to govern when a patient is eligible for care due to their previous service.