New regs for Thursday: Brandy labels

The Drug Enforcement Administration is listing three synthetic marijuana varieties as schedule 1 drugs. 

The Food and Drug Administration is labeling sensors dubbed "intelligent pills" that can monitor medication use as relatively safe, if used with special controls. 

The Department of Education is amending a loan program to place limits on the time that borrowers can receive the loan after their program ends.

The Department of Homeland Security wants to exempt portions of a forensic immigration crime laboratory's record system from the Privacy Act

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission wants to amend its rules on packaging and transporting radioactive material to bring standards in line with those of the International Atomic Energy Agency. 

The National Marine Fisheries Service is adjusting annual quotas for catching swordfish in the Atlantic and proposing to examine the capacity of fishing for longfin squid and butterfish in the Mid-Atlantic. 

The Federal Communications Commission is modifying rules for private radio systems below 800 MHz. 

Defense acquisitions:
The Department of Defense is amending a supplement to its acquisition regulations to reflect the merging of four databases and proposing changes to detect counterfeit electronics and ensure adequacy of rate proposals

The department is also proposing to change its acquisition rules for cases in which only one offer is made and regulations on acceptance and offer letters