New regs for Friday: Feds and states cooperating on Medicaid fraud

Fishing and Food:
The National Marine Fisheries Service is temporarily halting fishing for Alaska plaice in the Bering Sea. 

New rules from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will set a limit for residues of the pesticide sulfoxaflor on a variety of crops and limits for the antibiotic streptomycin on grapefruit. 

Environment and Energy:
The EPA is broadening a program's list of acceptable substitutes for ozone-depleting substances used in refrigeration, fire suppression, solvents and other sectors. 

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is denying a petition and clarifying a previous order on modifications to the definition of a company's "bulk electric system." 

The National Marine Fisheries Service is moving forward with studies to see if some Pacific harbor seals and certain dusky shark should be considered threatened or endangered species.

The Transportation Department's Surface Transportation Board is adopting rules that allow it to order mediation for certain cases and clarifying its regulations on arbitration. 

The Federal Communications Commission is beginning a survey of rates for fixed voice and broadband services in urban homes, for the purposes of later reforms.