New regs for Thursday: Potatoes and avocados

The USDA is also proposing to implement a measure to preserve and manage federal lands with paleontological resources. 

Some mills that turn wood into pulp may have new source performance standards under a new proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency. 

The Fish and Wildlife Service is reopening the comment period on labeling two plant species as threatened and delaying the designation for another six months. 

The National Marine Fisheries Service is modifying fishing for some salmon in the Pacific, limiting use of some fishing devices and cutting short the fishing season for snowy grouper in the South Atlantic. 

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is directing its certified reliability organization to submit reliability standards for dealing with particles sent by solar storms on the sun that interact with the Earth's magnetic field, known as geomagnetic disturbances

The commission also wants to approve a separate reliability standard. 

Financial and housing:
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is amending a January rule on escrow accounts for some mortgage loans to clarify how it will determine whether an area is "rural" or "underserved." 

To comply with a portion of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, the Federal Housing Finance Agency wants to change standards for government-sponsored banks that provide funding to institutions for home mortgage loans. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is issuing guidance on some international swap deals and reopening the comment period on another security-based swaps rule. 

The SEC is also extending the comment period for a March proposal on regulatory systems compliance for self-regulatory organizations. 

The U.S. Access Board, which is devoted to making services accessible to people with disabilities, is establishing an advisory committee to help it update accessibility guidelines for rail systems. 

The Department of Education has new priorities and requirements for a grant program. 

The Federal Trade Commission is modifying its ten-year regulatory review schedule