New regs for Tuesday: Night lights for sunken boats

The Federal Aviation Administration wants to amend some regulations for transport airplanes.

 The Transportation Department is issuing an analysis to help understand the effect of a recent proposal on rail liability. 

Food and fish:
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is issuing new guidance for food hazard prevention systems.

The USDA is also allowing growers and handlers of organic food to use some chemicals without losing the organic designation. 

The Farm Credit Administration is issuing rules for using unincorporated businesses such as limited liability companies or limited partnerships. 

Rules for catching red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico are being changed by the National Marine Fisheries Service. 

Government employees:
The Offices of Personnel Management and of the Director of National Intelligence want to change the way agencies designate some national security positions. 

The General Services Administration is updating its rues for some contracts to make modifications easier to submit. 

The Copyright Royalty Board is changing its rates and terms for royalties for satellite radio and cable services. 

Environment and energy:
The Fish and Wildlife Service is declaring 38 new species on three Hawaiian Islands to be endangered, as well as taking a plant off of the endangered species list. 

A revision is being made to regulations on protecting shipments of irradiated nuclear reactor fuel.