New regs for Monday: Restrictions on wine labels

The Department of Agriculture is proposing to require labels on beef that has been mechanically tenderized, though the industry has been quick to oppose the regulation. 

Environment and energy:
The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing new standards for plywood, fiberboard and particleboard and a program to let third party certifiers check those products for compliance. 

The Bureau of Land Management is holding open the comment period for regulations of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, on federal and Indian land.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has received a petition to require that it regulate licensed and nonlicensed entities the same. 

The Federal Communications Commission is revising is fee schedule to collect nearly $340 million to offset its appropriations, as required by Congress.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is implementing a Dodd-Frank law rule to determine when a company is predominantly engaged in financial activities. 

The Federal Reserve Board is issuing an interim rule on how to treat American branches of foreign banks for another section of Dodd-Frank that prevents bailouts of swaps dealers.