New regs for Tuesday: ObamaCare exchange guidelines

New Jersey Senate race:
The Federal Election Commission is issuing requirements for New Jersey's special election to fill the seat of the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D).

The state is holding primaries on Aug. 13 and a general election on Oct. 16.

Ahead of the primary, committees will have to file a single report on fundraising and spending. For the general election, committees will need to file that report on their primary activities as well as reports before and after the election. 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing regulations to make sure that cable and TV programming menus are accessible to blind or visually impaired people. The proposal is the last in a series of agency efforts to make television and mobile devices accessible to people with disabilities.

Fighting contraband:
The FCC is also proposing rules to fight against the use of contraband wireless devices in prisons.

"Prisoners’ use of contraband wireless devices to engage in criminal activity is a serious threat to the safety of prison employees, other prisoners, and the general public," the agency says in its proposal

The new rules would modify wireless providers' spectrum lease agreements and make the providers shut off service to contraband devices found in a correctional facility, if possible.

The Health and Human Services Department wants to implement a portion of the Older Americans Act that would set guidelines for states' long-term care ombudsman programs. 

The International Trade Commission wants to amend its application and investigation rules to "increase efficiency in processing and reviewing documents" that it receives. 

Fishing vessels in the Pacific catching bigeye tuna should have a limit of 3,763 tons in 2013 and 2014, according to a proposal from the National Marine Fisheries Service. After reaching that limit, catching or retaining the tuna would be prohibited for the rest of the year. 

The Postal Regulatory Commission is adopting "minor changes" to its rules, after proposing them in March. The edits remove old references, add in new terminology and make some technical changes.