New regs for Wednesday: Expanding electric motor rules

The information would be added to current rules governing electric motors.

"These actions are being proposed to clarify the scope of regulatory coverage for electric motors and to ensure accurate and consistent measurements when determining the energy efficiency of various types of electric motors," the department said in a notice scheduled to be published on Wednesday.

The department is requesting comments from the public and holding a public meeting on July 16 to gather input.

Endangered Species:
The National Marine Fisheries Service wants to update its rules on endangered species to change the format, language and descriptions of some species.

The proposal does not seek to add or remove any creatures on the Endangered Species List.

Instead, it would correct text to fix "inadvertent errors from previous rulemakings," amend references and other language.

Many of the errors were identified during a five-year review for Pacific salmon and rainbow trout. 

Postal Service:
The U.S. Postal Service is updating its standards to remove obsolete rules relating to mail refunds and stamp exchanges. The new rule will also standardize processes for requesting refunds for a procedure called PC Postage. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is allowing uses for 17 new chemical substances. 

Manufacturers, importers or processors will be able to use the chemicals in new ways as long as they inform the agency at least 90 days beforehand, which would give the EPA the time to evaluate the use and limit it, if necessary.

The Federal Communications Commission is initiating a second round of funding to bring broadband access to all consumers. 

Defense acquisition:
The Pentagon is changing a supplement to its acquisition rules to implement a portion of the 2009 National Defense Authorization Act and making editorial changes. 

Federal acquisition rules for the Defense Department, NASA and the General Services Administration are also being updated to comply with the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, which the departments want to make permanent. They are also publishing the decision of a civilian agency acquisition council and compliance guide for the decision. 

The U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress is looking for ways to confirm identities for people who sign electronically.