New regs for Thursday: Habitat for threatened turtles

Toxic chemicals:
The Environmental Protection Agency wants to update the codes it uses to classify businesses that report releases of toxic chemicals.

The EPA will begin using an updated version of the classification system devised by the White House’s Office of Management and Budget.

Simultaneously, the agency is accepting comments on the change in classification to allow the public to weigh in and possibly change the system. If there is protest to the new classification system, the EPA “will publish a timely withdrawal” of the new rule and address public concerns.

Regulatory burdens:
The Farm Credit Administration wants to know whether its regulations are unduly burdensome

In a notice, the agency is reaching out to the public to “ask for comments on our regulations that may duplicate other requirements, are ineffective, are not based on law, or impose burdens that are greater than the benefits received.”

The Federal Maritime Commission is updating its rules to require that foreign freight shipping companies that do not own their own vessels but help to move other shipments register with the agency. The agency will also exempt some rules for the companies if they agree to accept negotiated rates. 

Additionally, the commission wants to add new regulations on licensing and finances of companies that act as intermediaries in transporting goods over the ocean.

“The proposed rule is intended to adapt to changing industry conditions, improve regulatory effectiveness, improve transparency, streamline processes and reduce regulatory burdens,” the agency said in its proposal.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is implementing a portion of the Dodd-Frank Act to eliminate rules on the supervision of investment banks. 

The financial reform law made the section of the SEC regulations unnecessary in 2011, a year after it was signed.

Liquefied petroleum:
The agency responsible for regulating transportation of hazardous materials is reminding owners and operators of liquefied petroleum gas facilities about the regulations they need to follow. 

The Department of Education will prioritize a rehabilitation research and training center on “community living policy” under a disability research program. The department may use the priority to focus attention on areas it deems necessary. 

The department is also waiving a prohibition on projects lasting longer than five years for 10 technical assistance and continuing education centers. The centers will continue to receive funding through September 2014.

The U.S. Copyright Office is updating its regulations to revise the listed mailing address for filing claims and sending other documents.