New regs for Thursday: Letting turtles live

“This action will reduce the need for investigator training and the time for the care and humane destruction of these animals,” the agency said in the rule.

The Department of Education wants to change the federal student loan program to implement a 2010 law. 

The department's 644-page proposal would amend direct loans the department distributes, including regulations on defaults, cancellations and other provisions.

Those changes would ensure that student programs like Perkins and Stafford loans “operate as efficiently as possible,” it said in the draft.

A proposal from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission would allow natural gas pipelines and public utilities to share confidential operational information.

The change would allow for a stronger and more reliable system, the agency said, and allow utilities to coordinate their operations. 

The agency also wants to approve a new reliability standard. 

Weapons export:
The State Department is looking to revise the classification of some military electronics equipment for the purposes of its export rules. 

Additionally, the Commerce Department is issuing a proposal describing how some technology would be treated as it moves from one control list to another. 

Air conditioners:
The Department of Energy has been asked by an HVAC company to change regulations for certification of residential air conditioners and heat pumps. 

The White House budget office has approved the Federal Communications Commission’s information collection plan for its program to bring broadband coverage to rural Americans.

National fishing regulators are extending the comment period for a proposal to implement a new management plan in the Pacific.