Aviation panel proposes streamlined plane regs

Empanelled by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) examined the existing standards for the design and certification of aircraft ranging from small piston-powered airplanes to high-performance business jets. 

The result: a 346-page document that representatives from the FAA and the aviation industry can agree upon.

“Streamlining the design and certification process could provide a cost-efficient way to build simple airplanes that still incorporate the latest in safety innovations,” Transportation Secretary Anthony FoxxAnthony FoxxDC mayor touts progress in reducing traffic deaths Toll roads poised to boom under Trump plan Transportation chief urges Trump to press forward on self-driving cars MORE said. “These changes have the potential to save money and maintain our safety.”

The recommendations run the gamut from design and production rules to maintenance and safety standards.

In general, the report reflects a proposed shift from a set of regulations predicated on a plane’s weight and propulsion type to a more nuanced system under which planes would have to meet certain performance standards – regardless of how much they way or how they are powered.

The committee endeavored to create a set of regulations that can be easily amended to keep up with evolving technology 

The FAA will review the ARC recommendations before deciding whether to adopt some or all of the recommendations.