New regs for Wednesday: Treasury paves way for floating rate notes

Plants and animals:
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is holding off on regulations on contingency planning and personnel training for facilities that handle animal and plants. The rule was issued at the end of last year but is being delayed to allow the department to further review the requirements.

“We intend to conduct this additional review to further consider the impact of contingency plan requirements on regulated entities, taking into account a reexamination of any unique circumstances and costs that may vary by the type and size of businesses,” it said in the notice. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is finalizing a rule on hazardous waste to exclude wipes used to clean up solvents and chemical spills from its regulations. 

The rule, first announced last week, will make it easier for commercial printers, auto repair shops and other facilities to clean up messes without abiding by a host of restrictive rules. 

“The purpose of this final rule is to provide a consistent regulatory framework that is appropriate to the level of risk posed by solvent-contaminated wipes in a way that maintains protection of human health and the environment, while reducing overall compliance costs for industry, many of which are small businesses,” the agency described.

The wireless trade group CTIA has petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to reconsider its rules improving the 911 service, including a rule allowing users to send text messages to the emergency responder. 

The Federal Housing Finance Agency is withdrawing proposed rules for the government enterprise Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that relate to an energy retrofit program.

A court last year ordered the agency to issue new rules for state and county-administered programs, but an appeals court since overruled that judgment. Since the original ruling has been nullified, the agency is withdrawing its proposal. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission is updating its data gathering rules. 

The Social Security Administration is asking the public whether it needs to update its rules on when it can reopen final determinations and decisions. 

National fishing regulators are issuing rules to implement a new management plan for fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic. 

Pesticides and chemicals:
The EPA is issuing limits for residues of the pesticides trifluralin, pyroxasulfone and forchlorfenuron

Additionally, the agency is eliminating its rules setting a maximum tolerance for residues of a mixture of organic substances known as Complex Polymeric Polyhydroxy Acids on all foods and another substance when used as an inert ingredient in antibacterial solutions

The EPA is also finalizing an approved new use for a chemical substance. 

The Environmental Protection Agency is amending its acquisition rules to make “minor corrections” and streamline the process.