News bites: Senate panel to examine ‘regulatory paralysis’ at inaugural hearing

Delaware has shed or reformed some 140 regulations, Bloomberg reports.

Regulators must revisit the issue of debit card transaction fees, following a federal court’s finding that the Federal Reserve disregarded congressional intent when deciding how much banks can charge merchants, according to The Business Record.

Also on RegWatch:

Legislation that would place new restrictions on federal agencies’ rulemaking power advanced in the House.

Senate Democrats compared the marketing of energy drinks to strategies once employed by the tobacco industry.

A bill that would give Congress more influence over costly regulations drew a veto threat from the White House.

The White house also pledged to veto a bill seeking to bar the IRS from implementing any part of ObamaCare.

The military announced it is pulling Playboy, Penthouse and other magazines from shelves on Army and Air Force bases, days after the Pentagon said sales of the adult material were permissible.

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