New regs for Wednesday: Easing truckers' reporting requirements

NASA, the Pentagon and the General Services Administration want to change their acquisition rules to limit the amount of time contractors can comment on past performance evaluations

Pesticides and chemicals:
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is setting a limit for the amount of topramezone, a weed-killer, that can be left as a residue on fish or shellfish.

Additionally, the agency is issuing rules approving the new use of 53 chemicals. Under the regulations, companies that want to produce or use any of the chemicals for an approved purpose need to let the EPA know at least 90 days beforehand. 

"The required notification will provide EPA with the opportunity to evaluate the intended use and, if necessary, to prohibit or limit that activity before it occurs,” the agency said in its rule.

Nuclear security:
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is requiring that employees at licensed private nuclear facilities receive training on security matters at least once a year.

The new rule would make sure private companies offer their workers refresher briefings at the same rate as the federal government, while also giving employers flexibility in the manner of the training.

In conjunction with the direct new rule, the agency is also accepting comments on the requirement. 

Freedom of Information Act:
The Peace Corps wants to update its rules for responding to Freedom of Information Act requests, in line with guidance issued by President Obama and the Department of Justice. 

Endangered species:
The National Marine Fisheries Service is extending the comment period for its proposal to add five types of sawfish to the endangered species list. The agency will accept comments from the public until Sept. 19. 

The Navy is declaring that the littoral combat ship USS Independence cannot comply with some international regulations designed to prevent collisions at sea “without interfering with its special function as a naval ship.” 

The ship does not meet international standards for the height and locations of lights onboard.

The Department of Education is updating an electronic filing system for higher education financial assistance programs.

The change in rule will allow people involved in judgments with the department to file their documents electronically. 

Land conservation:
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is making it clear that lands that cannot be used to produce agriculture will not be eligible for a land conservation program.

The department claimed in its new rule that the clarification was needed to align regulations with current policy.